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A blog of Montessori-inspired musings on teaching and learning at CRMS.


Classic Philosophy ~ Innovative Education

Welcome to Cedar River Montessori!

Imagine a school where students learn as much from their experiences as they do from the teacher, where social and emotional growth are on equal par with academic growth, and where a child's natural curiosity and intrinsic need to know are the most powerful motivators for learning. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about this amazing educational method and how we practice it. It will make you wish you could be a student here!

About CRMS

About Our School
CRMS is a place where students
engage their innate love of learning
to realize.... Continue Reading »

I Heart Middle School

Montessori Middle School?
It's is not just for preschool. Research is proving the Montessori approach... Continue Reading »

Grades 1-3

A Unique Elementary Experience
Multi-age classrooms and individual attention support real learning... Continue Reading »


More than a Daycare
The Montessori method uses innate curiosity to build capacity for learning.... Continue Reading »